Ear infections and otitis media

Ear pain, known as otalgia, can be a symptom of various conditions, but it most commonly occurs with inflammations in the ear canal and middle ear. Ear-related illnesses often have a rapid onset and tend to recur. They are typically very unpleasant and, in most cases, require a visit to the doctor.

Ear pain: A symptom of external ear canal and middle ear inflammation

Inflammation of the external ear canal occurs when the inflammation is localized in front of the eardrum, in the passage leading from the earlobe towards the eardrum. It is usually caused by a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection of the skin and often affects one ear more than the other.

Risk factors for external ear canal inflammation include a humid and dusty environment and insufficient ear care, which can lead to the clogging of the ear canal with earwax and subsequent infection. This type of inflammation is common, especially in the summer months after swimming (commonly known as swimmer’s ear). Ear pain and pressure can also be associated with sinusitis, and ear pain when swallowing is a common symptom of tonsillitis.

If the inflammation affects the area behind the eardrum, closer to the center of the head (and therefore closer to the brain), it is known as middle ear inflammation, or otitis media. This condition usually results from a viral or bacterial infection. Middle ear inflammation is often associated with upper respiratory tract infections and most commonly affects young children, who have not yet developed effective nasal clearance.

Ear infections and otitis media symptoms

  • persistent earache
  • ear sensitivity
  • discharge from the ear cavity
  • swollen nodes around the ear
  • a feeling of stuffy ears or a popping or buzzing sound in the ears
  • temporarily impaired hearing
  • fever
  • irritability
  • difficulty with balance
  • trouble sleeping

How salt therapy helps

When experiencing ear pain, it’s essential to visit a doctor who will clean the ear canal and prescribe necessary medications. This typically includes anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling ear drops, or antibiotics in the case of a bacterial infection. If necessary, a doctor can perform ear drum puncturing with a long needle, which rapidly relieves pain and pressure. Thoroughly treating a cold is crucial, as it’s often associated with ear issues.

Salt therapy also plays a crucial role in supporting the treatment of ear infections.

The antibacterial properties of salt help in killing harmful bacteria, viruses, and allergens in the ear canal and middle ear, which cause inflammations and increased mucus production. This prevents further infection development.

Thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, salt reduces inflammatory processes in the ear canal and middle ear. This way, it relieves the pressure in the ear cavity and drains the purulent fluid.

Inhaled salt micro-particles aid in dissolving accumulated mucus in the respiratory passages. This makes the mucus less viscous and easier to expel from the respiratory tract, improving its permeability.

Salt micro-particles effectively dissolve accumulated mucus in the middle ear cavity, reducing pressure on the eardrum and minimizing the risk of bacterial proliferation. This helps suppress inflammation and reduce ear pain.

The benefit of salt therapy is that, in the case of recurring ear canal and middle ear inflammations, it enhances your immunity against further infections and diseases.

Recommended halotherapy treatment plan

To attain enduring benefits, we advise adhering to the following frequency and duration of salt therapy sessions.

2 – 3
as required
as required

Although even a less frequent sessions can provide relief, the crucial factor for achieving lasting results is maintaining consistency and regularity. This approach should continue until ear infections and otitis media symptoms begin to diminish. Once that occurs, you can gradually reduce the frequency of visits to our studio and incorporate salt therapy into your routine based on your individual preferences and availability. This will help bolster your immune system, enhance overall health, reduce stress, or serve as a relaxation method.

Why consider salt therapy for your ears

The pain and discomfort associated with ear infections can affect anyone, regardless of their age. It’s essential not only to treat these unpleasant situations but also to take preventive measures. Your ears surely deserve the best care you can provide. Come and try salt inhalation, which can bring relief and alleviate the unpleasant symptoms associated with ear infections.

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