Entry passes

Do you wish to make salt therapy a regular part of your routine? Explore our selection of entry passes, providing you the opportunity to visit our studio at discounted rates.

5-entry pass (10% discount, valid for 6 months)
10-entry pass (20% discount, valid for 1 year)
EXPRESS entry (30 min.)
CZK 1 070
CZK 2 080
STANDARD entry (45 min.)
CZK 1 575
CZK 2 800
COMFORT entry (60 min.)
CZK 1 980
CZK 3 520
RELAX entry (90 min.)
CZK 2 700
CZK 4 800

Entry pass can also be purchased using employee benefits you receive from your employer. See which benefit programs you can use with us >>

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    To utilize entry passes, customers must have an established customer account in our reservation system. If you don’t have an account, feel free to create one at your convenience, or we can assist you in setting it up when purchasing an entry pass.

    Upon ordering an entry pass through the order form, you’ll be issued a proforma invoice. Once the invoiced amount is received in our account, we will associate the selected entry pass with your customer account. Subsequently, you can use it as a payment method for making reservations in the reservation system.

    To utilize an entry pass for payment, it is required to be logged into the customer account.

    The entry pass can be applied for settling reservations made no later than the final day of its validity. Nevertheless, the actual date for the salt therapy session can be scheduled for a period following the expiration of the entry pass.

    Entry passes are non-transferable and associated with the owner’s customer account in our system. This implies that only the owner of the entry pass can utilize its entries.

    The validity of the entry pass concludes either upon exhausting the specified number of entries or upon reaching the expiration date (6 months or 1 year depending on the number of purchased entries). The validity date is communicated to the customer during the entry pass purchase and is also accessible in the customer account under the “Passes” section.

    The validity of the entry pass can be extended only in exceptional instances, if a customer submits a written request via email to info@inhaleum.cz, providing justification and evidence of a significant reason.

    Entry passes purchased cannot be converted into cash or combined with other discounts.


    Self-service salt therapy studio:
    A fast and effective alternative to a salt cave and a seaside vacation.

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