How to get the most out of halotherapy in the salt cabin

How to get the most out of halotherapy in the salt cabin

How to get the most out of halotherapy in the salt cabin 1200 800 INHALEUM

Salt therapy is becoming an increasingly popular way to alleviate respiratory and skin problems, strengthen the immune system, relieve stress, and experience deep relaxation. Whether you are planning a salt therapy session with children or are looking for some quiet time for yourself, there is something for everyone here.

Family fun in the salt kingdom

Halotherapy is the perfect way to spend time with the whole family while also boosting your health. Children will have a lot of fun in the salt sandbox in the salt cabin, while parents can relax in comfortable relaxing chairs and watch their children.

Do you want to join the game? It couldn’t be easier! The chairs can be easily folded and leaned against the wall, transforming the salt room into a playground in no time. If the toys in the cabin are not enough, you can find more in the bookcase in front of it.

An oasis of peace for adults

For adults who want to enjoy some quiet time without children, we recommend moving the chairs to the center of the salt cabin and arranging them in a so-called “zero gravity” state. This position ensures maximum relaxation and release of the whole body. Breathe deeply, perceive the calming music, and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

You can choose the music according to your taste on the tablet before entering the cabin. You can also make the halotherapy more enjoyable with magazines and books from the bookcase in front of the salt room.

Salt therapy is a great way to relax and improve your health. Follow our tips and enjoy it to the fullest!

Relaxation chairs: How to use them?

Do you know how to fold or unfold the relaxation chairs into a so-called “zero gravity” state so that you can fully relax during salt therapy? Watch the video tutorial!


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