INHALEUM supports Beachklub Pankrác

INHALEUM supports Beachklub Pankrác

INHALEUM supports Beachklub Pankrác 1200 800 INHALEUM

We are excited to announce that we have become a partner of Beachklub Pankrác, a popular sports center for beach volleyball enthusiasts. We are delighted to support a great sports community and contribute to the development of this attractive sport.

At tournaments under the guidance of Míra Nekola, whether for women, men, or mixed doubles, you will now find INHALEUM salt therapy gift vouchers among the prizes. Come and play and enjoy the great atmosphere of Beachklub Pankrác. And after a demanding tournament, don’t forget to relax and regenerate in our studio.

Why should you indulge in salt therapy after your workout?

Accelerates muscle regeneration: Salt therapy helps muscles regenerate after physical activity and prepares them for further training stress.

Promotes relaxation: Salt therapy induces a state of relaxation, which increases overall energy levels and promotes faster recovery from physical exhaustion.

Cleanses the respiratory system: Halotherapy has beneficial effects on the respiratory system. It cleanses it of bacteria, viruses and allergens and helps to loosen excess mucus.

Improves breathing: Opens up the airways, improves lung capacity and allows for more intensive and longer training

Increases athletic performance: Sufficient oxygen is essential for muscles and vital organs. Salt therapy allows for its even distribution, which positively affects overall athletic performance.

Are you interested in how often to visit salt therapy to achieve maximum effect? Read our article focused on athletes >>


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