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1 Studio description and offered services

Studio INHALEUM provides a tranquil and relaxing environment for experiencing salt therapy. It operates in a self-service mode during opening hours from 7:00 to 22:00.

The studio consists of a main area and social facilities. In the main area, you’ll find a changing space, comfortable seating with the option to store personal belongings, toys for children, a water dispenser, and a salt cabin. The salt cabin is a separate, enclosed space equipped with a halogenerator, two relaxation chairs, toys for children, and a salt floor. The social facilities include a changing pad, and for older children, there’s a potty and a toilet seat.

Each studio entry represents a time block of the length specified by the selected entry type and is intended for a maximum of 2 adults (including children aged 7 and older) and two children aged 6 and under. The studio’s capacity is therefore a maximum of 4 people according to the specified criteria. The price for entry to the studio remains fixed, regardless of how many individuals participate in the therapy. Whether it’s one or four people, the price remains the same.

2 For whom is the salt therapy studio intended

Entry to the studio is suitable for visitors of all ages, including children. The entry of children under the age of 15 is allowed only when accompanied by an adult.

Entry to the studio is prohibited for individuals with ongoing acute infectious diseases, acute tuberculosis, and all illnesses associated with an elevated temperature. Additionally, entry is prohibited for individuals in a state of mild intoxication or under the influence of narcotics.

For individuals suffering from claustrophobia, elevated thyroid function, oncologic issues, severe kidney disease, or those with unhealed, open wounds, it is recommended to consult a doctor before undergoing salt therapy.

3 Reservations

Entry to the studio is possible only upon prior reservation made through the reservation system on our website. After selecting a suitable visitation time, you will be redirected to the payment terminal, where, upon payment, you will receive all information and an access code to the studio’s entrance doors via email and SMS.

The reservation period includes not only the 20-minute salt therapy session but also all the time needed for preparation (such as storing personal belongings before entering the salt cabin, etc.) and necessary actions after completing salt therapy (such as disposing of disposable covers and using restroom facilities).

By paying the reservation fee, you confirm that you have thoroughly acquainted yourself with these operating rules and terms and conditions of the studio and agree to their contents.

You can cancel a paid reservation at least 24 hours before its start. In such a case, you can choose another reservation date free of charge. If you cancel the reservation less than 24 hours before its start, you are not entitled to a refund of the already paid reservation fee.

4 Entry to the studio

Entry to the studio is allowed no earlier than the first minute of the paid reservation by entering the access code on the numeric terminal at the entrance door. Upon entering the studio space, ensure that the entrance doors are properly closed, thus preventing the risk of theft of your belongings and ours.

The access code is valid without restrictions throughout the entire duration of the paid reservation. In case of arriving late to the studio entrance, access is still granted, but the obligation to leave the studio no later than the last minute of the paid reservation remains unchanged.

5 Inside the studio

Upon entering the studio space, head to the dressing area to the right of the door. If you have a stroller or a bike with you, you can park it here. Remove your shoes and place them in the shoe rack to prevent the spread of dirt. Leave your coats, jackets, scarves, and hats on the coat rack and use hand sanitizer. For greater comfort, feel free to use the provided rubber slippers.

Then proceed to the seating area prepared for you at the back of the room. Here, you can leave your personal belongings and prepare for salt therapy. Finally, put on clean, white socks that you brought with you or use the provided disposable covers, which you can put directly over your existing socks. For hygienic reasons, entering the cabin with shoes or with the socks you wore to the studio is prohibited. If your hair is long, secure it in a ponytail before entering the cabin, or use a disposable cap.

It is not necessary to undress or change clothes to undergo salt therapy. The temperature in the studio and the salt cabin is around 20–23°C, so we recommend wearing loose-fitting, airy clothing with long sleeves and pants. If you are accustomed to higher room temperatures, you can use the blankets available before entering the cabin.

6 Salt therapy session

For adults, there are two reclining chairs prepared in the salt cabin, and for children, there is a salt play area with toys. We advise accompanying adults to be cautious after touching salt and kindly remind you to ensure that children avoid touching their eyes and do not ingest the salt.

When you are ready for salt therapy, simply start it by pressing the button located in the cabin next to the door. Then, sit back in the reclining chair, relax, and immerse yourself in the effects of the relaxing music, lighting, and microclimate of the salt cabin. During the therapy, we recommend deep breathing, alternating between nose and mouth.

In case of sudden discomfort, exit the salt cabin and seek the first aid kit located on the premises.

The end of the therapy is signaled by the cessation of the relaxing music and the illumination of lights.

7 After salt therapy

After finishing the salt therapy, leave your place in its original condition. In the case of therapy with children, tidy up the toys to their original positions. Keep the door to the salt cabin closed.

Dispose of used covers in the designated bin opposite the cabin.

If needed, use the restroom facilities. Then, pack your belongings, tidy everything back to its original place, and exit the studio no later than the last minute of the reservation period. If you fail to leave the studio by the end of the paid reservation, we are obligated to contact you. In such a case, a penalty of 1000 CZK for each commenced hour of delay may be imposed for violating the operating rules.

When leaving the studio, ensure the entrance door is properly closed.

8 Customer rights and responsibilities

Throughout the studio, there is an obligation to fully respect the Operating Rules. In the event of a violation of the Operating Rules, the studio visit will be terminated without compensation.

Anyone who notices a defect in the premises or equipment of the studio that endangers the safety of individuals or poses a risk of property damage has the obligation to immediately report such a defect through our contact information.

Throughout the studio, it is strictly forbidden to:

  • behave in a manner that endangers safety and order;
  • disturb the peace;
  • bring glass items and other objects endangering the safety of visitors;
  • smoke;
  • handle open flames;
  • leave children unattended;
  • pollute the studio by spitting, littering, etc.;
  • consume food and snacks, including chewing gum;
  • consume alcoholic beverages or any intoxicating and addictive substances;
  • bring weapons or toxic substances into the studio;
  • enter with animals;
  • remove crystalline salt and toys from the salt cabin;
  • touch the halogenerator (device for generating salt aerosol) located on the outer wall of the salt cabin, germicidal lamp, and other technical equipment;
  • any conduct that could be considered as acting against good morals.

It is strictly prohibited to bring electronic devices, any food (including chewing gum), and drinks into the salt cabin.

Before entering the salt cabin, it is not recommended to use deodorants or perfumes.

9 Important notices

The information presented on the website www.inhaleum.cz, in our social media, and printed publications is purely informative and cannot, in any case, substitute for communication with a doctor or other healthcare professional, prescribed treatment, or medication. Therefore, do not use this information for the diagnosis or treatment of any health problem.

INHALEUM does not provide healthcare services, prescribe any medical devices, or medications. Additionally, salt therapy is not a substitute for medical care or a tool for diagnosing health problems. In case of health difficulties, seek specialized medical assistance, do not neglect regular medical check-ups, and do not make any changes to the use of medications and recommended treatment without prior consultation with a doctor.

Please note that participation in salt therapy conducted in the studio premises is voluntary and at your own risk. Each participant in salt therapy is responsible for their health condition and guarantees that they are eligible to undergo salt therapy. If you have any doubts, we recommend consulting your health status with a doctor.

Please note that the studio premises are monitored by a camera system.

Please be aware that in the event of damage or harm, we are entitled, according to the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, to seek compensation for damages.

We also emphasize that we do not assume any responsibility for health or property damage caused by the visitor’s actions, even if due to negligence, nor do we take any responsibility for the loss or theft of belongings by other individuals.

10 Cleaning and disinfection

Throughout the day, a germicidal lamp operates in the studio space, designed to disinfect the premises in the presence of people.

Air exchange is facilitated by the installed ventilation system.

Cleaning and maintenance of the salt cabin are carried out once a day, after the end of operations. This involves washing and disinfecting the cabin space, with the cabin doors left open until the next day for ventilation.

The salt on the cabin floor is regularly raked and replenished with new salt, with a complete replacement done once a year.

Cleaning agents with biocidal, virucidal, and fungicidal properties are used for cleaning. The selection of disinfectants is rotated based on the active substance, and the prescribed exposure time is adhered to during application to prevent the development of resistance in undesirable biological agents.

Cleaning and disinfection of all areas are performed at regular intervals as needed, with a minimum of once a day during studio operations.

Cleaning supplies and tools are stored in a lockable area within the restroom facilities.

A comprehensive studio cleaning is conducted twice a year.

The first aid kit is equipped according to applicable standards, and its expiration is checked during the comprehensive cleaning, with replenishment by the operator as needed.

Used blankets are laundered by the operator outside the studio, approximately twice a week based on customer volume.

All waste is placed in bins with plastic bags. Trash bins are emptied, cleaned, and disinfected daily in accordance with current legislation. Hazardous waste is not used.


This Operating rules are in effect as of March 1, 2024.


We wish you a pleasant and health-beneficial salt therapy at INHALEUM.


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