Terms and conditions




1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “GTC“) pertain to the entrepreneur Peter Sova, ID: 02718618, with its registered office at Náměstí Junkových 2870/3, 155 00 Prague 5 – Stodůlky (hereinafter referred to as the “Provider“). They govern the mutual rights and responsibilities arising in connection with or based on the Agreement For The Provision Of Services (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) concluded between the Provider and third parties (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer“) via the Provider’s website at www.inhaleum.cz (hereinafter referred to as the “Website“).

1.2 These General Terms and Conditions also govern the rights and responsibilities of individuals (referred to as the “User“) using the Provider’s Website and other associated legal relationships between the contracting parties. Any person, regardless of whether they are acting as an Entrepreneur or a Consumer, can be a User. By accessing the Website and continuing its use, the User affirms that they have acquainted themselves with these GTC and commit to abiding by them.


2.1 The Provider operates a self-service studio (hereinafter referred to as the “Studio“), located at Vlachova 1507/16, Prague 5 – Stodůlky, registered under LV 2130 at the Cadastral Office for the Capital City of Prague..

2.2 The Studio is a private, therapeutic space furnished with a salt cabin (hereinafter referred to as the “Cabin“), equipped with a halogenerator, storage space for customers’ personal items, toys for children and restroom facilities. The Studio operates in an unattended, self-service mode during the opening hours from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

2.3 Within the scope of its activities, the Provider offers the following services (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Services“):

  • salt therapy (also known as halotherapy or dry salt therapy) in the Cabin, including associated services (hereinafter referred to as “Therapy“), conducted on dates available in the reservation system on the Website.;
  • sale of gift vouchers (hereinafterreferred to as “Vouchers“) and entry passes (hereinafterreferred to as “Entry pass“) for Therapy, via the order form on the Website.

2.4 Customers may act as Consumers or Entrepreneurs. For these GTC, a Consumer (hereinafter referred to as “Consumer“) is defined as an individual who, outside their business activities or independent professional practice, enters into an Agreement with the Provider or engages with the Provider in any other capacity. Provisions regarding consumers in these GTC apply exclusively to individuals meeting this definition. An Entrepreneur (hereinafter referred to as “Entrepreneur“) is defined as an individual who independently conducts a profit-oriented activity at their own responsibility and on their account in trade or a similar manner, with the consistent intention of making a profit. Additionally, an entrepreneur includes any individual who enters into an Agreement related to their business, production, or similar activities or independently practices their profession or acts on behalf of or for an entrepreneur. If a Customer has provided their ID number in the order, they declare themselves as entrepreneurs, and the provisions in these GTC regarding entrepreneurs apply to all individuals not meeting the consumer definition.

2.5 The reservation system (hereinafter referred to as the “Reservation system“) refers to the system managed by the Provider on the Website, employed to reserve specific time blocks for Therapy.

2.6 Reservation (hereinafter referred to as “Reservation“) signifies the binding selection of a specific time block in the Reservation system to complete the Therapy, a prerequisite for subsequently entering into the Agreement.

2.7 The order form (hereinafter referred to as the “Order form“) is a form on the website through which the Customer places an order and purchases Vouchers and Entry passes.

2.8 An order (hereinafter referred to as “Order“) constitutes a unilateral legal act of the Customer consisting in creating a Reservation in the Reservation system or the completion and confirmation of an Order form on the Provider’s Website, for the purpose of ordering a Service, preceding the conclusion of the Agreement.

2.9 An Agreement becomes effective upon the Provider’s receipt (acceptance) of the Customer’s Order (hereinafter referred to as the “Confirmation of order“). Confirmation of Order denotes a unilateral action by the Provider toward the Customer, confirming the Agreement’s conclusion and execution.


3.1 Therapy offers a completely natural, safe, and drug-free approach, delivering lasting relief for respiratory and skin conditions, boosting the immune system, and relieveing stress. It serves as both a supportive measure alongside prescribed medications and as a standalone treatment. When employed in conjunction with prescribed medications, Therapy has the potential to enhance their efficacy and reduce the required dosage.

3.2 One cycle of Therapy in the Cabin lasts for 20 minutes and is suitable for visitors of all ages, including children. The number of Therapy cycles depends on the type of selected entry.

3.3 Therapy is categorized as a self-service activity without supervision. The Provider offers Customers access to a designated Cabin within the Studio, equipped with predefined processes and quality standards for completing the Therapy.

3.4 Customers prepare themselves for the Therapy, enter the Cabin independently, and initiate the halogenerator by pressing the button located within the Cabin, adjacent to the door. The end of the Therapy is signaled by the cessation of relaxing music and the activation of the cabin lights.

3.5 Customers are permitted to undertake Therapy in the company of one or more individuals (hereinafter referred to as “Participants“). The total number of Participants should not exceed two (2) adults, which includes the Customer and children aged 7 years and above, and two (2) children aged up to 6 years. The studio’s capacity is therefore a maximum of 4 persons according to the previous specification. If a Customer intends to visit the Studio with participants outside the recommended age group, it is necessary to request individual approval from the Provider via phone or email prior to completing the Order.


4.1 The Provider offers Entry passes, which prove the conclusion of an Agreement between the Provider and the Customer and entitle the holder to the use of the Services specified in the Entry pass.

4.2 Entry passes are intended only for Customers who have created a customer account in the Reservation system.

4.3 After ordering the Entry pass through the Order Form, the Customer will be issued a proforma invoice. Once the invoiced amount is credited to the Provider’s account, the selected Entry pass will be assigned to the customer account of the specific Customer. The Customer can then use it as a payment method when creating a Reservation in the Reservation system.

4.4 In order to use the Entry pass to pay for a Reservation, the Customer must be logged into their customer account.

4.5 The Entry pass can be used to pay for Reservations made no later than the last day of the Entry pass’s validity. However, the actual date of Therapy may be after the expiration of the Entry pass.

4.6 Entry pass is non-transferable and tied to the owner of the customer account to which the Entry pass was assigned in the Reservation system.

4.7 The validity of the Entry pass ends with the exhaustion of the number of entries for which it was issued or the expiration of the specified validity date (6 months or 1 year depending on the number of purchased entries). The validity date is communicated to the Customer at the time of purchasing the Entry pass and can also be found in the customer account.

4.8 The validity of the Entry pass can be extended only in exceptional cases based on a written request from the Customer to the email info@inhaleum.cz, with justification and proof of a serious reason.

4.9 Purchased Entry pass cannot be exchanged for cash or combined with other discounts.


5.1 The Provider offer Vouchers, available in electronic card formats, that prove the conclusion of an Agreement between the Provider and the Customer. These Vouchers entitle their holder to use the Services specified in the Voucher, until the Voucher’s total value is utilized.

5.2 Only one Service can be redeemed for one Voucher. To redeem a Voucher for multiple Services, it is necessary to purchase multiple Vouchers.

5.3 The Voucher distinctly displays the scope of possible services provided, the certificate code and the validity period. The contact details of the Provider, address and website are also listed on the Voucher.

5.4 Vouchers are obtainable via the Order Form. The validity of the Voucher is 6 months from the date of conclusion of the Contract.

5.5 After ordering the Voucher through the Order Form, the Customer will be issued a deposit invoice and after the invoiced amount is credited to the Provider’s account, the Voucher will be sent to the Customer in PDF format to the e-mail address specified in the Order.

5.6 The Voucher must be redeemed once in the context of a single Therapy Reservation in the Reservation System on the Website. After the expiry of this period, the gift voucher loses its validity.

5.7 The reservation must be made no later than the last day of the validity of the Voucher. However, the actual date of the Therapy can be up to the time after the the validity of the Voucher expires.

5.8 To verify the validity of the Voucher, Customer must enter the unique voucher code when making a Reservation.

5.9 A purchased Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or combined with other discounts.


6.1 For Agreement completion under these GTC, Customers must accurately and truthfully provide all requested personal information.

6.2 Customers can remotely order the Provider’s Services as outlined in these GTC, specifically via Reservation system or Order form through the Provider’s Website. In exceptional cases, it is possible to order the Provider’s Services via email or phone.

6.3 The Website features a comprehensive list of Services offered by the Provider, inclusive of their respective prices. The prices listed for these Services encompass value-added tax and all relevant fees. The scope of Services and their associated prices remain in effect as long as they are visible on the Website. This provision does not restrict the Provider’s capacity to execute Agreements under individually arranged conditions. All Service offers presented on the Website are non-binding, and the Provider is not obliged to enter into Agreements with Customers regarding these Services.

6.4 To place a Therapy order, the Customer utilizes the Reservation system on the Website. The ordering process for selecting a Therapy date unfolds as follows:

  • select the type of service
  • choose an available time block in the calendar;
  • click the “Next step” button;
  • opt to log in, register or proceed as a guest;
  • complete the required personal information, including first and last name, email address, and telephone number (and password if registering).

6.6 When generating an Order through the Reservation system, the selected time block is reserved for a specific Customer for a duration of 30 minutes. If the payment for the selected dates is not made within the specified limit, the selected time block will be automatically released for the next Reservation.

6.7 To purchase an Entry pass or a Voucher, the Customer completes the Order form accessible via the Website, following these steps:

  • fill in the required personal information in the scope of: first name, last name and e-mail address;
  • choose the type of Entry pass/the type and number of Vouchers;
  • fill in the billing details.

6.8 Before submitting the Order, the Customer has the opportunity to review and modify the entered data, including the option to correct any errors.

6.9 Before submitting the Order, the Customer, by “checking” the empty square box, confirms that they have read the terms of processing and protection of personal data and agree with them in their wording valid and effective at the time of this confirmation.

6.10 The Customer must apply any price discounts or promotions offered by the Provider, such as those from marketing campaigns, at the time of Order submission. Failure to apply these discounts during Order submission forfeits any claims to such discounts for the completed order.

6.11 The Customer submits the order by clicking the “FINISH”/”ORDER” button. The information provided in the order is considered accurate by the Provider. By clicking “FINISH”/”ORDER,” the Customer creates a binding order, obligating payment.

6.12 Upon submitting the Order, the Customer affirms their familiarity with the content of these GTC and explicitly consents to and acknowledges them in the version that is valid and effective at the time of submitting the Order, unless specified otherwise by these GTC and/or the Agreement. These GTC are an integral part of the Agreeement.

6.13 By agreeing to these GTC, the Customer consents to receiving an electronic tax document.

6.14 Upon receiving the Order, the Provider will electronically confirm its receipt to the Customer via the provided email address. Order confirmation establishes a binding relationship between the parties based on the ordered Services and conditions outlined in these GTC. Any additions, reservations, restrictions, or changes to the confirmed Order require subsequent written acceptance by the Provider, or the Agreement will not be formed. Acceptance of an offer with amendments or deviations is not guaranteed.

6.15 Depending on the nature of the Order (e.g., total service value, estimated transport costs), the Provider reserves the right to request additional confirmation of the Order from the Customer, either electronically via email or by phone.

6.16 The Customer acknowledges that the Provider is not obligated to enter into an Agreement, particularly with individuals who have previously materially violated an Agreement or these General Terms and Conditions.

6.17 The Customer agrees to cover any costs associated with remote communication methods used during the Agreement’s conclusion, such as internet connection fees or telephone call charges.

6.18 By submitting the Order, the Customer confirms their eligibility and authority to enter into the Agreement under the agreed terms. Consumers affirm their full legal capacity, while Entrepreneurs confirm that the natural person completing the electronic form is authorized to represent the Entrepreneur in this matter.

6.19 The Agreement comprises the data entered by the Customer in the submitted Order and the provisions outlined in these General Terms and Conditions. The contract is conducted in the Czech language and is electronically archived by the Service Provider for the purpose of fulfilling the Agreement. The contract is not accessible to third parties.

6.20 After the successful Confirmation of order

  • of the Therapy, the Customer will be redirected to the payment gateway, where they will follow instructions to complete the payment for the Order. Please note that payment can only be processed online using a payment card, as guided by the instructions provided on the website and within the payment gateway (hereinafter referred to as the “Cashless payment system”), voucher, entry pass, credit or refund in the customer account.
  • of the Entry pass/Voucher, a proforma invoice for payment will be issued to the Customer.

6.21 Following the successful payment of the Order as described in the previous section, the Provider will promptly send the Customer:

  • a confirmation email to the provided address, including a summary of the Order, usage instructions, and a bookkeeping document/proforma invoice;
  • for Therapy Orders, two days prior to the reserved Therapy date, an SMS to the provided phone number, including code that grants access to the Studio, as well as the date and time when the Studio will be accessible for the Customer and any accompanying individuals.


7.1 Customers can create a customer account by registering through email in the reservation system on the Provider’s website or during the Service Order by checking the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button.

7.2 Upon logging into the customer account, the customer can access their user interface and place Reservation Orders. Customers may also place these Orders without registration directly from the Reservation system. In the customer account, customers will have an overview of all their reservations, entry passes, refunds, and available credit. They will also be able to update their personal details and settings at any time.

7.3 Customer accounts can only be created by individuals who are of legal age and fully competent.

7.4 When registering in the Reservation system, customers must provide accurate and truthful information. Any changes to the information in the customer account must be promptly updated by the customer. Information provided by the customer in the customer account and during an order is deemed correct by the Provider.

7.5 Access to the customer account is secured by a username and a strong password. Customers are obligated to maintain confidentiality regarding the necessary access information. Customers are not authorized to allow third parties to use their customer account.

7.6 The Provider reserves the right to:

  • Block the customer account after five (5) unsuccessful login attempts for security reasons, with the option for the customer to contact the Provider at info@inhaleum.cz for account unblocking.
  • Terminate the customer account, especially if the customer has not used their account for more than 2 years or has violated their contractual obligations outlined in these GTC.

7.7 Customers acknowledge that the customer account may not be available continuously, especially considering necessary maintenance.


8.1 The price for each type of Entry pass, Voucher or Therapy, inclusive of all applicable taxes and fees, is prominently displayed on the Provider’s Website.

8.2 The price of Therapy price is set for 1 entry to the studio, and its cost may vary depending on the selected entry type. The exact price for a specific Service is consistently indicated within the Reservation system. It is also available in the Provider’s price list on the Website. Discounts, such as those offered through coupon codes or percentage reductions when acquiring a bundle of multiple entries, commonly referred to as a entry pass, may be applied.

8.3 In addition to the Entry pass/Voucher price, the Customer is responsible for covering any Voucher delivery expenses, if stated. Unless expressly noted otherwise, Voucher prices already encompass delivery costs. The prices displayed on the Website are valid until further notice. This provision does not limit the Provider’s capacity to negotiate individual terms and conditions for specific Agreements.

8.4 The Customer is obliged to pay the price of the Order immediately after the conclusion of the Agreement. Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • through the payment gateway;
  • based on a pro forma invoice;
  • bank transfer in CZK to the Provider’s account (only after prior mutual agreement);
  • through benefit programs with which the Provider has a contract (according to the conditions of the given benefit program).

8.5 If the Customer pays the Therapy fee through the payment gateway, the Customer will be redirected to the Global Payments payment gateway immediately after submitting the Order.

8.6 The Provider advises the Customer that this payment method, facilitated via the Global Payments payment gateway, may be subject to fees imposed by the issuer of the Customer’s payment card or the entity maintaining the Customer’s account from which the funds are transferred.

8.7 Prior to making a payment through the Global Payments payment gateway, the Customer is required to acquaint themselves with any terms and conditions pertaining to its use, as issued by Global Payments s.r.o., with its registered office at V Olšinách 626/80, 100 00 Prague 10, ID number: 042 35 452, listed in the commercial register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, insert 244453. If the Customer selects the “remember payment card” option during payment, the administrator of payment card data is not the Provider but the payment gateway provider. The Provider assumes no responsibility for any misuse of data stored in this manner.

8.8 In the event that, after the Customer has submitted the Order and been directed to the Global Payments payment gateway, the payment of the Order price is unsuccessful, the Agreement will be automatically terminated.

8.9 Payment is deemed complete once the agreed-upon amount is credited to the Provider’s account. The Provider is not obligated to fulfill the Agreement until the Customer has settled the agreed price.

8.10 The Provider is not subject to VAT. The Provider issues a bookkeeping document/invoice to the Customer following payment of the agreed price, delivering it electronically to the Customer’s specified email address, to which the Customer has provided explicit consent.


9.1 Reservation of a time block for the Therapy is done based on available time slots through the Reservation System on the Website. It includes all the preparations for the Therapy (such as stowing personal belongings before entering the Cabin), the Therapy session itself, and also necessary activities after completing the Therapy (such as disposing of disposable covers, using the restroom, and exiting the Studio).

9.2 Access to the Studio is exclusively granted to individuals with prior Reservations and payment. Once confirmed, the customer will receive an email containing the entry code for the Studio’s entrance door and visit guidelines. Two days before the scheduled visit, the customer will receive a reminder in the form of an SMS.

9.3 The access code is valid for the entire duration of the paid Reservation. The customer will be allowed entry to the Studio no earlier than the first minute of the reserved time block after entering the entry code on the numeric terminal at the entrance door of the Studio.

9.4 The Provider is not accountable for the Customer’s late arrival at the Studio. Entry is still permissible, but the end time of the Reservation remains unchanged. The duration of the Reservation is always fixed and binding, corresponding to the time block in the Reservation system. The duration and price remain unaffected by the Customer’s delayed entry to or early exit from the Studio.

9.5 The Customer and his co-participants must adhere to the Studio’s rules, as outlined in these GTC and the Studio’s operating rules. They must vacate the Studio no later than the last minute of the Reservation period, ensuring the Studio’s door is securely closed behind them.

9.6 In the event of delayed departure from the Studio, the Customer commits to paying a contractual penalty of CZK 1,000 (in words: one thousand Czech crowns) for every hour of delay, regardless of any damage claims against the Customer for harm caused to the Studio.

9.7 The Reservation period may conclude in several ways before its scheduled end:

  • by mutual agreement of the Provider and Customer;
  • by immediate termination (without notice) by the Provider if the Customer fails to pay the agreed price;
  • by immediate termination by the Provider if the Customer severely breaches the Agreement, these terms, or other obligations outlined by applicable laws, especially if such breaches result in damage to the Studio or pose a significant risk of damage or harm during Studio use;
  • by immediate termination by the Provider if the Customer has previously caused damage to the Studio or failed to comply with the Agreement and these GTC;
  • by immediate termination by the Customer if, through no fault of their own, the Studio becomes entirely unsuitable for completing the Therapy during the Reservation period;
  • by immediate termination by the Customer if they cannot access the Studio using the received entry code due to issues on the Provider’s side.

9.8 The Customer has the right to cancel a reserved Therapy for a specific time block up to 24 hours before the reserved period begins. In such cases, the Customer will be credited the refund for this canceled reservation in their customer account, which can be applied towards payment for future reservations. If the Customer does not have a customer account, the Provider will reach out to discuss potential options for utilizing this refund.

9.9 The Customer does not have the right to cancel a reserved Therapy for a specific time block less than 24 hours before the start of the Reservation period. In such cases, no refund of the already paid price will be provided.

9.10 If an unforeseeable event occurs, beyond the Provider’s control, preventing the Therapy session from proceeding, the Provider may offer the Customer the option to reschedule the Reservation according to the Customer’s preference, or the Provider may opt to terminate the Agreement. In such a case, the Provider will promptly credit a refund for the entire paid price of the Service to the customer in their customer account. If the customer does not have a customer account, the Provider will reach out to discuss potential options for utilizing this refund.

9.11 Withdrawal from the Agreement should be communicated via email:

  • Customer to the Provider at info@inhaleum.cz;
  • Provider to the Customer using the email address provided by the Customer during the Therapy Reservation.

9.12 Due to the nature of the Provider’s service, Agreements cannot be canceled or withdrawn from based on the short lead time between Order submission and the commencement of the Reservation (see § 1837, letter j of the Civil Code), with exceptions as described in these GTC above.


10.1 The Provider will promptly deliver the Entry pass/Voucher to the Customer upon the completion of the Agreement and the payment of the agreed purchase price, inclusive of all taxes and fees.

10.2 The Entry pass is considered delivered at the moment of its assignment to the customer account of the Customer.

10.3 The Voucher will be electronically delivered as a PDF document to the email address provided in the Order after payment of the Voucher price.

10.4 The Voucher is considered delivered when it is electronically sent by the Provider to the Customer’s email address.

10.5 The Customer must promptly inspect the Entry pass/Voucher upon assignement/delivery, paying special attention to its legibility and the accuracy of the information. Any identified defects must be promptly reported to the Provider.

10.6 The Customer acknowledges and accepts that Therapy services will be provided based on the Entry pass/Voucher only after a prior Reservation has been confirmed. This Reservation involves setting a specific date for the Therapy session, which must be arranged by the Customer no later than the last day of the Entry pass’s/Voucher’s validity. However, it’s possible to schedule the Therapy session for a date after the Entry pass/Voucher has expired if the initial Reservation is made in a timely manner. During the Reservation process or any modifications to it, the Customer is required to provide the unique Voucher code to verify its validity.

10.7 The Customer acknowledges that the successful execution of the Reservation depends on the current capacity of the Studio. The Provider cannot guarantee the availability of Therapy sessions at the Customer’s preferred times, but it ensures that the Entry pass/Voucher can be used to make a Reservation within its validity period. The Provider will not unreasonably deny the Customer the opportunity to make a Reservation and receive Therapy services. Given these factors, the Provider strongly advises Customers to schedule their Reservations well in advance of the Entry pass’s/Voucher’s expiration date.

10.8 The Voucher is issued as a bearer voucher, which means it can be transferred to any third party without requiring handwritten authorization. If the Customer decides to pass the Voucher to another individual for their use, it is the Customer’s responsibility to inform the recipient about these GTC and provide them with information regarding the processing and protection of personal data by the Provider. The Provider will provide Therapy services based on the Voucher to the first person who uses it to make a Reservation. This provision of Therapy to the user of the Voucher is considered valid, just as if it had been provided directly to the Customer. The Provider is not obligated to verify whether the person using the Voucher for Reservation is the Customer or if they obtained the Voucher from the Customer legitimately. In light of these circumstances, the Customer acknowledges their responsibility to safeguard the Voucher and its data from unauthorized access by third parties. The Customer assumes full responsibility for any consequences arising from the unauthorized use of the Voucher due to their actions or omissions. In such a scenario, the Customer forfeits the right to demand Therapy services from the Provider.

10.9 If, due to circumstances within the Provider’s control, the Services cannot be delivered on the originally scheduled date, the Provider will promptly notify the Customer of this situation and propose an alternative date. Should it be impossible to initiate the Service within 7 days of the initially booked date, the Customer retains the right to terminate the Agreement. To do so, the Customer must substantiate the grounds for withdrawal, particularly by demonstrating their presence at the Studio on the reserved date.

10.10 The Entry pass/Voucher cannot be converted into cash.

10.11 The Customer has the right to rescind (cancel) their Entry pass/Voucher Order via email until the Provider confirms the order.

10.12 For a Consumer who has placed a remote Order, there’s a 14-day withdrawal period starting from the day the Customer or a designated third party (excluding the postal service provider) receives the Entry pass/Voucher. To meet the withdrawal deadline, it suffices to send a notice of withdrawal before the deadline. The Customer must communicate their decision to withdraw from the Agreement through a clear written statement, which can be sent via postal service provider to the Provider’s address or electronically to info@inhaleum.cz.

10.13 In case of withdrawal, the Customer is not required to return the Entry pass/Voucher to the Provider but should be aware that the Entry pass/Voucher will be invalidated upon withdrawal and cannot be used for Therapy.

10.14 The Provider reserves the right to withdraw from the Agreement until the Entry pass/Voucher is delivered to the Customer, except as otherwise specified in these GTC or by relevant legal regulations.

10.15 If the Contract is effectively withdrawn, both parties must return the benefits received. The Provider will refund all payments made by the Customer within 14 days of being notified of the withdrawal via cashless transfer to the account from which the initial payment was made. The Customer assumes the risk associated with payments made from a third-party account.

10.16 In the event of effective withdrawal by either party, the Entry pass/Voucher issued by the Provider will be invalidated.


11.1 All the elements and overall design of the website, including text, images, photographs, audio, videos, music (referred to as “Content”), as well as the trademarks and logos found on it, are copyrighted works and databases under the Copyright Act No. 121/2000 Coll. The Provider holds property rights to these, either owned or licensed. These materials are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws as per applicable legislation. The Content is provided to Users for personal use only. Any use of the Website or its components beyond what is allowed by prevailing legal regulations and within the confines of these GTC, including distribution, copying, imitation, or further modification, without the Provider’s consent is strictly prohibited. Additionally, any tampering with the Website’s content or character is prohibited. Users agree not to engage in activities such as copying and selling any Content from the Website.

11.2 When using the Website, Users must refrain from employing mechanisms, tools, software, or methods that could negatively affect the Website’s operation, internet security, or other internet users. Furthermore, Users are not permitted to conduct activities intended to obstruct or limit the Website’s operation or engage in other attacks against it. Specifically, Users are prohibited from overloading the Provider’s website and servers with automated requests. The Website may only be used in ways that do not infringe upon the rights of other Provider customers and that align with its intended purpose.

11.3 The Provider does not guarantee uninterrupted availability and functionality of the Website; temporary unavailability, such as for maintenance, accidents, external events, etc., may occur. The Provider reserves the right to modify the form and content of the Website or discontinue its operation without compensation. Consequently, the Provider strongly advises Users, particularly Customers, to retain a copy of the GTC and other pertinent information when entering into Agreements. Nevertheless, after the Website is discontinued, Users can request a copy of the GTC.

11.4 In cases where these GTC or the Website include links to third-party websites, the Provider is not responsible for the continual functionality or unchanging content of websites linked to through such internet links. The Provider is also not responsible for safeguarding data and information available on these third-party websites.

11.5 The Provider reserves the right to withhold the publication of User and Customer reviews that are false or contain inappropriate language.

11.6 The Customer acknowledges that the Provider is not liable for errors resulting from third-party interventions in the Website or the misuse of the Website contrary to its intended purpose.


12.1 The Provider must ensure that the Studio is handed over to the Customer in a suitable condition for the completion of the contracted Therapy and that all obligations arising from this Agreement or the GTC are fulfilled to a high standard.

12.2 The Provider will make all necessary efforts to effectively inform Customers. To facilitate the use of the Services, information signs will be provided within the Studio wherever necessary.

12.3 The Provider has the following obligations:

  • periodically inspect the Studio to assess its appearance, technical condition, and the functionality of all Studio equipment;
  • regularly clean and disinfect the Studio premises;
  • ensure the availability of supplies, including but not limited to toilet paper, soap at sinks, clean towels etc.

12.4 The Provider ensures:

  • continuous operation of a germicidal radiator within the Studio premises throughout the day, designed to disinfect the space while people are present. The UVC radiation is contained within the radiator itself, thanks to optical screens with high breathability, preventing it from escaping and endangering Customers;
  • air exchange is facilitated by the installed ventilation system;
  • daily cleaning and disinfection of the Cabin area after the Studio’s operation. The Cabin’s door is left open for ventilation after cleaning;
  • regular raking and replenishing of the salt on the Cabin floor, with replacement once a year;
  • the use of disinfectants with biocidal, virucidal, and fungicidal properties for cleaning. These disinfectants are alternated based on their active substances, and the prescribed exposure times are strictly followed during application to prevent the development of resistance in unwanted biological agents;
  • periodic cleaning and disinfection of all areas as needed, with a minimum of once a day during Studio operation;
  • cleaning supplies and tools are stored in a lockable area within the restroom facilities;
  • biannual general cleaning of the Studio;
  • availability of a first aid kit in the Studio premises, regularly checked for expiration and replenished as needed, with equipment compliant with applicable standards;
  • regular washing of used blankets by the Provider, typically outside the premises, approximately once a week, depending on customer volume;
  • proper waste disposal in bins with plastic bags, with daily emptying, cleaning, and disinfection of waste bins in accordance with current legislation, ensuring the appropriate handling of hazardous waste;
  • adherence to occupational health and safety principles, with the use of personal protective equipment such as protective gloves when working with disinfectants.

12.5 Considering the inherent nature of the private Studio’s operations, the Provider shall not be held liable for any damage, loss, or destruction of items or valuables brought or deposited by the Customer or their Participants.

12.6 The Provider informs Customers that the Studio premises are under constant surveillance by a camera system, primarily for property and safety purposes. This camera system operates around the clock, seven days a week. Footage is continuously recorded and retained for the duration required to ensure Studio operations, after which it is archived through digital recording devices for a maximum period of 72 hours. You can find more information in the CCTV Policy regarding the processing of personal data by the camera system.

12.7 Each Customer may use the equipment, devices, furniture, and items within the Studio at their own risk.

12.8 The Customer holds full responsibility for the utilization of the children’s toys, which should be used exclusively for its designated purpose.

12.9 The Customer is required to use the Studio solely for the intended purpose, within the agreed parameters, and during the agreed timeframe. It is also the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that all Participants, whom the Customer grants access to the Studio, are familiar with the Studio’s usage guidelines.

12.10 Upon entry to the Studio premises, the Customer must utilize the contactless hand sanitizer conveniently positioned to the right of the entrance.

12.11 The following actions are strictly prohibited within the Studio premises:

  • engaging in behavior that jeopardizes safety and order;
  • causing disturbances that disrupt the peace;
  • bringing in glass objects or any items that pose a safety hazard to Customers;
  • smoking;
  • using open flames;
  • leaving children unsupervised;
  • littering or defiling the Studio by spitting, discarding trash, etc.;
  • consuming food and snacks, including chewing gum;
  • consuming alcoholic beverages or any drugs, including narcotics and addictive substances;
  • bringing weapons or toxic substances into the Studio;
  • entering with pets;
  • removing crystal salt or toys from the Cabin;
  • touching the halogenerator (a device for generating salt aerosol) located on the outer wall of the Cabin, the germicidal radiator, or other technical equipment;
  • engaging in any behavior that could be deemed morally inappropriate or against good conduct.

12.12 Bringing electronic devices, food (including chewing gum), and beverages into the Cabin is strictly prohibited.

12.13 Customers are permitted to enter the Cabin only in disposable covers provided to them before entering or in clean, white socks that they bring for this purpose and change into before entering. For hygiene reasons, wearing the same socks worn with shoes into the cabin is not allowed.

12.14 Using deodorants or perfumes before entering the Cabin is discouraged.

12.15 The Studio is designated as a private relaxation and therapeutic area, often referred to as a quiet zone. Activities with higher noise levels, such as social events, are not permitted in this space.

12.16 Individuals with active acute infectious diseases, acute tuberculosis, or any conditions accompanied by a high body temperature are not allowed to enter the Studio.

12.17 Entry to the Studio is strictly prohibited for individuals under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or any other addictive substances.

12.18 Children under the age of 15 are permitted in the Studio premises only when accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult. The accompanying adult assumes full responsibility for the child’s well-being and any damage to the child’s health or the property of the Provider or third parties resulting from the child’s actions.

12.19 Additionally, the Customer is prohibited from making alterations or modifications to the Studio, which includes affixing objects to the walls or equipment, or engaging in any activities that could potentially harm the health and/or property of third parties, including the Provider.

12.20 The Customer is not permitted to grant access to the Studio or any part of it to third parties. However, it’s not considered a breach of this obligation if the Customer, together with a third party or parties, uses the Studio for joint Therapy.

12.21 Upon arrival at the Studio, the Customer is responsible for checking the Studio equipment. If any equipment is found to be damaged, the Customer must promptly notify the Provider.

12.22 The Customer must promptly inform the Provider of any incidents causing damage at the Studio. The Customer is also obligated to take preventive actions to avoid damage, or if damage occurs, to minimize its extent. Failure to fulfill this obligation renders the Customer liable to the Provider for any resulting damages.

12.23 If the Customer believes that the cleanliness and hygiene of the premises are inadequate, they must promptly notify the Provider of this concern.

12.24 The Customer is required to immediately report any technical issues or malfunctions detected (e.g., problems with the Cabin) to the Provider.

12.25 The Customer must grant the Provider access to the Studio at any time for the purpose of verifying its proper use. However, the Provider must respect the ongoing activities of the Customer as much as possible and avoid unnecessary interference, provided such activities comply with this Agreement or the GTC.

12.26 When using the Studio, the Customer must comply with all hygienic, safety, environmental, fire prevention, and other applicable legal regulations relevant to their activities within the Studio.

12.27 The Customer bears full responsibility for the safety and health protection of individuals to whom they have granted access to the Studio, as well as for their personal belongings brought into the Studio, unless such responsibility can be directly attributed to the actions of the Provider.

12.28 The Customer is held accountable to the Provider for any damage resulting from their own actions or the actions of individuals to whom access to the Studio has been granted. The Customer agrees to promptly reimburse the Provider for any such damages incurred.

12.29 Following the conclusion of the Reservation, the Customer is required to return the Studio to the Provider in the same state as it was when initially entered. Furthermore, the Customer is obligated to ensure that all equipment is returned to its original location, adhere to fundamental hygiene practices, and so on.

12.30 If the Customer substantially breaches the terms of the signed Agreement, these General Terms and Conditions, or any other obligations outlined by applicable laws and regulations, the Provider reserves the right to prohibit the Customer’s access to the Studio. This prohibition may extend to all other individuals present during the objectionable activities involving the Customer. In such cases, the Agreement is immediately terminated without the Customer’s entitlement to a refund, whether in full or in part. The Customer is obligated to vacate the Studio promptly, including any accompanying individuals. If any of these individuals attempt to establish a new Agreement with the Provider through the Reservation System, the Provider has the right to terminate the Agreement upon verifying their identity.

12.31 The Customer is prohibited from offsetting any of their claims against the Provider’s claims that arise from the delivery of the Voucher.


13.1 The Provider assures the Customer that, upon receipt, the Voucher or the Studio is free from defects. Specifically, the Provider guarantees to the Customer that at the time of receiving the Voucher or accessing the Studio:

  • the Entry pass/Voucher/Studio possesses the properties as agreed upon by both parties; in the absence of such an agreement, it possesses properties as described by the Provider or as expected by the Customer based on the nature of the Voucher/Studio and the Provider’s advertising;
  • the Entry pass/Voucher/Studio is fit for the purpose specified by the Provider for its use or for the typical purpose of a Voucher/Studio of this kind;
  • the Entry pass/Voucher is provided in the designated quantity;
  • the Entry pass/Voucher/Studio complies with all relevant legal regulations.

13.2 The Customer holds the right to assert claims arising from defective performance (hereinafter referred to as “Complaints“) in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code and subject to the conditions specified therein.

13.3 In alignment with paragraph 9.6 of these GTC, the Customer is obligated to promptly report any defects in the Voucher as soon as they are discovered.

13.4 If the Voucher fails to meet the specifications outlined in paragraph 4.1 of these terms, the Customer can either request a replacement Voucher without defects or to terminate the Agreement. If the Customer chooses not to terminate the Agreement or forgoes obtaining a replacement Voucher, they have the option to request a reasonable discount.

13.5 As specified in sections 11.21, 11.22, 11.23, and 11.24 of these terms and conditions, the Customer must promptly report any defects to the Studio once discovered.

13.6 If the Customer faces challenges in using the Studio due to defects previously reported to the Provider, they are entitled to receive a reasonable price reduction.

1n3.7 If the presumed defect significantly hinders or renders the completion of the Therapy substantially impossible, the Customer is entitled to forgo payment or terminate the Service without prior notice.

13.8 None of the provisions in these GTC should be construed to grant the Customer the authority to rectify Studio defects and seek reimbursement from the Provider for associated expenses.

13.9 If the Customer fails to promptly report Studio damage or a Studio defect when they could and should have discovered it, they are not eligible for a price reduction, nor can they terminate the Agreement without a notice period. It’s important for the Customer to note that, in cases where defects are not timely reported in this manner, it may be presumed that they were caused by the Customer during the Therapy. As such, the Provider bears responsibility for defects only when the Customer exercises their right stemming from defective performance – that is, their right arising from the Provider’s liability for defects – promptly and without undue delay upon discovering them.

13.10 The Provider holds no responsibility for defects resulting from the improper use of Studio equipment by the Customer or individuals who accompanied them during their Studio visit.

13.11 The Customer must submit their complaint electronically, via email, to the Provider at info@inhaleum.cz. The complaint should include the Customer’s identification and a detailed description of the specific issues (defects) related to the Studio. When filing the complaint, it is essential to specify the exact nature of the alleged defect and the particular right under the Civil Code or these GTC that the Customer is invoking. The description of the defect in the Voucher/Studio must be sufficiently detailed, preferably with accompanying photo documentation, to enable the Provider to assess it objectively.

13.12 The Provider commits to addressing claims related to Voucher/Studio defects promptly upon receipt, adhering to the following timeframes:

  • within three (3) days upon receipt for easily resolvable defects;
  • or within thirty (30) days upon receipt for more complex defects that necessitate more than 3 days for resolution.

13.13 The Provider will notify the Customer of their decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of the claims, along with the rationale for the chosen course of action, through the Customer’s designated contact email.

13.14 A claim for an online payment made via the Cashless payment system on the Website using a payment card must be submitted to the Provider within 15 days from the date of the transaction.

13.15 The Customer can file a payment complaint with the Provider electronically by sending an email to info@inhaleum.cz.

13.16 The Provider will convey the payment gateway provider’s response to the Customer’s complaint within 30 days after receiving the payment complaint.

13.17 If a valid payment complaint is raised, the Provider must ensure that the payment gateway provider accepts and enacts corrective measures.

13.18 The payment claim procedure also covers situations where:

  • a payment transaction is not successfully completed;
  • a payment transaction is carried out without the Customer’s authorization;
  • the amount paid by the Customer through the Cashless payment system is not credited to the Provider’s account.

13.19 In the case of a payment complaint, the Customer must cooperate with the Provider by providing the necessary documentation, such as a confirmation of the executed payment transaction or any other documents required for the resolution of the complaint.


14.1 Both the Provider and the Customer have mutually agreed that in the event of a breach of their contractual or legal obligations, they shall both be held accountable for property damage, as stipulated by the pertinent regulations found in Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended (specifically, Article § 2894 and subsequent sections).


15.1 Any disputes arising from the Agreement or related to it shall be resolved by the competent court within the Czech Republic.

15.2 The out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes arising from the Agreement falls under the purview of the Czech Trade Inspection, located at Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Prague 2, with the identification number: 00020869, and can be contacted through their website: www.coi.cz.

15.3 To resolve disputes stemming from an online Agreement between a Customer residing in another member state of the European Union and the Provider, the online dispute resolution platform at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr can be utilized.

15.4 The European Consumer Center Czech Republic, situated at Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Prague 2, and reachable at www.evropskyspotrebitel.cz, serves as the point of contact for online dispute resolution as per Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No. 524/2013 of May 21, 2013, regarding the online resolution of consumer disputes. This function applies only when the parties involved in the dispute do not have their habitual residence (seat) in the same European Union member state.


16.1 The information presented on Provider’s Website, social media, or in any written publications is intended for informational purposes only. It cannot, under any circumstances, be considered a substitute for consulting a medical professional, prescribed treatment, or medication. The Provider explicitly asks all Customers to refrain from using this information for the purpose of diagnosing or treating any medical or health condition.

16.2 Salt therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis of any health condition. Provider strongly recommends, that Customer seek medical advice regarding any health concerns, maintain regular medical check-ups and do not make changes to prescribed medication or treatment plan without consulting their physician.

16.3 The Provider explicitly informs all Customers that the Studio is not a medical facility and does not offer services in accordance with Act No. 372/2011 Coll., concerning health services and the conditions of their provision (Health Services Act), nor does it provide social services as per Act No. 108/2006 Coll., regarding social services. The Provider is not a medical practitioner and does not provide healthcare services, prescribe medications, or possess the authorization to prescribe medical devices or drugs. The Provider’s services are not covered by insurance. Therefore, it is essential that all health concerns be discussed with the appropriate medical professional in their respective field. If a Customer is under medical care or taking medication, the Provider unequivocally advises against interrupting or discontinuing any treatment without consulting their primary healthcare provider. The Provider’s services are not a substitute for medical treatment.

16.4 Customers are responsible for their own health and must assess their physical condition to ensure it allows for participation in the services under this Agreement. The Provider strongly recommends that Customers consult with their physician and assess the associated risks before entering the Studio. This is particularly crucial for individuals suffering from claustrophobia, hyperthyroidism, cancer-related issues, severe kidney ailments, or those with unhealed, open wounds.

16.5 Provider advises Customers that individual medical and therapeutic requirements can vary significantly from person to person. Recommendations provided on this Website, even if they appear suitable for individuals with similar conditions, may not necessarily be appropriate for Customer’s specific needs. The Provider does not assert that the services will meet the Customer’s expectations and cannot guarantee specific outcomes resulting from their use. Provider strongly recommends to seek guidance from a qualified medical professional before applying any information obtained from this Website. If the outcomes Customer experience differ from what the physician has advised, Customer should cease salt therapy until consulting their physician. The Provider disclaims all warranties related to the services provided and their utilization. Customers explicitly acknowledge that the use of services is their own choice, and they assume all risks related to quality and performance satisfaction.

16.6 Customers are solely responsible for their use of the Studio and participation in the Therapy activities carried out within the Studio premises. They acknowledge and accept this responsibility when entering the Studio, providing their explicit consent to this understanding.

16.7 By accepting these GTC, the Customer guarantees that they, as well as any accompanying individuals, are eligible to enter the Studio for Therapy and have willingly chosen to book Studio time and enter the premises.

16.8 The Provider bears no responsibility towards the Customer or any third party for any potential errors, whether direct or indirect, in email communications, price listings on the Website, etc.

16.9 The Studio’s services may be temporarily or permanently suspended due to security, maintenance, system malfunctions, or similar circumstances. Customers acknowledge and agree that, in such instances, they will not be entitled to a refund for a period of 6 months.

16.10 By reserving the Studio, Customers acknowledge and accept the presence of specific risks and hazards within the Studio. Customers recognize that certain potential risks cannot be avoided despite reasonable precautions to prevent injury. Customers understand these risks fully and hold the Provider exempt from any liability for injuries sustained within the Studio.

16.11 The Provider is not liable for errors arising from third-party interventions in the Provider’s Website or from the misuse of the Website itself. When using the Provider’s website, Customers must refrain from employing procedures that might adversely affect its functionality and must not engage in any activities that could enable them or third parties to interfere with or misuse the website’s software or other components, including using the website without authorization, or its parts or software equipment in a manner contrary to its intended purpose.

16.12 The Provider assumes no responsibility for safeguarding the personal belongings of Customers during their presence in the Studio. Customers bear all risk for the loss of personal items. The Provider does not recommend bringing large sums of cash or valuable items to the Studio. The Provider is not liable for any damages or losses. All unclaimed items will be removed and disposed of.


17.1 Safeguarding personal data is of utmost importance to the Provider. The guidelines for processing personal data and the sending of promotional messages are stipulated in the Privacy policy.

17.2 The Provider sends promotional messages to the Customer’s email address, offering the services provided. The email address qualifies as personal data and is handled in compliance with Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council regarding the protection of individuals concerning the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data, repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). This processing is executed with the purpose of sending promotional messages, grounded in the Provider’s legitimate interest in promoting the offered services. The Customer can opt out of receiving promotional communications at any time.

17.3 By accepting these GTC, the Customer also provides consent for the use of their personal data within the parameters of contact information (comprising name, ID, residential and/or registered office address, email address, and phone number) for the purpose of fulfilling the Agreement.

17.4 The Provider employs what are commonly known as cookies on the Website. These cookies may be stored on the user’s device, either with their consent or to safeguard our legitimate interests. Users have the option to configure their preferences directly on the Website, where they can also access more comprehensive information regarding the utilization of cookies.


18.1 All contractual relationships are established in accordance with the legal framework of the Czech Republic, specifically governed by Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code. If the Customer is a natural person who acts outside the scope of their business or independent business activities (hereinafter referred to as the “Consumer”), any matters not covered by these terms and conditions are also subject to the provisions of Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection.

18.2 In cases where the relationship concerning the use of the Website or the legal relationships established by the Agreement include international aspects, both parties agree that Czech Republic law shall govern these relationships. This stipulation does not affect consumer rights established by binding legal regulations. The contractual language is Czech.

18.3 The Provider is authorized to offer services based on a trade license and is not subject to any other authorization. Trade inspections are conducted by the relevant trade office within their jurisdiction. The Office for Personal Data Protection supervises personal data protection. The Czech Trade Inspection supervises compliance with Act No. 634/1992 Coll., regarding consumer protection, within specified limits.

1874 The Provider has the right to fulfill the obligations of the Agreement either personally or through a third party.

18.5 If any provision of these GTC is found invalid or ineffective, or becomes so, the invalid provision will be replaced with a provision whose meaning aligns as closely as possible with the invalidated provision. The invalidity or ineffectiveness of one provision does not affect the validity of others.

18.6 Deviations from these GTC can be negotiated within the Agreement. Any differing provisions in the Agreement take precedence over those in these GTC.

18.7 The provisions detailed within these GTC are an integral component of the contract.

18.8 The Provider reserves the right to amend or augment the wording of these GTC. Notice of such changes or additions to these GTC will be provided to Customers and Users on the Website, with the revised terms taking effect on the day of their publication on the Website. This provision does not affect rights and obligations arising during the validity period of the prior version of the GTC.

18.9 While the acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions (GTC) is voluntary, it is a prerequisite for customers who wish to create an account or make a Reservation for Studio visit.

18.10 The Provider is not registered for VAT.

18.11 All communication with the Provider is considered valid and effective only when conducted exclusively in either the Czech or English language.

18.12 The contact details of the Provider are as follows:
Peter Sova – INHALEUM
Vlachova 1507/16, 155 00 Prague
+420 608 420 371


These terms and conditions can be accessed on the Provider’s website and are effective from May 2, 2024.


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