Visit guidelines

To enhance your studio experience, we’ve crafted a practical guide for your visit, offering valuable information and instructions. Discover everything you need, from helpful arrival tips to insights into the salt therapy process.

  • Studio capacity
    One entry to the salt therapy studio can be used for 4 people, ideally comprising 2 adults (including children aged 7 and above) and 2 children up to 6 years old. While other age compositions are not explicitly prohibited, it is recommended to consult with the studio operator before making a reservation to ensure comfort.

    Entry types and reservation duration
    The reservation lasts for 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the type of entry chosen. It encompasses not just the salt therapy session but also essential procedures before and after the therapy.

    Entry type
    Length of visit
    Length of therapy


     30 min.

    20 min.

    10 min.


     45 min.

    20 min.

    25 min.


     60 min.

    40-50 min.

    min. 10 min.


     90 min.

    60-80 min.

    min. 10 min.

    Reservation required
    Access is permitted exclusively with a prior reservation made through the reservation system.
    Instructions on how to reserve a salt therapy session >>

    Customer account
    For those intending to visit our studio regularly, we suggest creating a customer account when reserving your first salt therapy session.

    Advance payment
    Reservations can be settled using a credit card, voucher, refunds or credit. If the payment is not completed within 30 minutes, the reservation will be automatically canceled, freeing up the slot for other customers. If you have any concerns about paying by card online or using our self-service technology, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will work together to find a solution that suits your needs.

    Reservation cancellation
    A paid reservation can be canceled at least 24 hours before its start. In such a case, you will be credited the refund in your customer account, which can be utilized for upcoming bookings. If you don’t have a customer account, we will reach out to discuss potential options for utilizing this refund.

  • Instructions
    Following the successful payment of your reservation, you will receive email instructions for your visit, including an entry code for the studio’s entry door. Additionally, shortly before your planned visit, you’ll receive an access code via SMS, eliminating the need to search for it upon your arrival.

    Entry code
    You can enter the studio by inputting the entry code received via email and SMS on the numeric terminal located at the entrance door.

    Code validity
    The entry code for door entry remains valid throughout the entire duration of the paid reservation, including an additional 15 minutes after the reservation ends, providing extra time in case you forget something in the studio.

    Late arrival
    In the event of a late arrival, entry is still permitted; however, it is mandatory to exit the studio no later than the final minute of the paid reservation. The reservation duration cannot be extended.

  • Stroller/Bicycle
    If you arrived with a stroller or bicycle, kindly park it either in front of the entrance doors or inside to the right of the entrance door. If you opt to leave the stroller or bicycle outside, it will be sheltered by a canopy in case of inclement weather. In this situation, we recommend securing it to the railing.

    Closing the entrance door
    Once inside the studio, ensure that the entrance door is securely closed. This helps minimize the risk of theft for both your belongings and ours.

    Dressing area
    On the right side of the entrance, there is a coatroom where you can hang your coats, jackets, scarves, and hats on hangers. Please, also remove your shoes here and store them in the shoe rack to avoid spreading dirt. For greater comfort, feel free to use the provided rubber slippers.

    Hand sanitization
    Apply the disinfectant to your palms and distribute it uniformly across the entire hand surface, wrists, and around the nails until fully dry.

    Seating area
    Towards the rear of the room, you’ll find a seating area with a charging corner where you can place your personal belongings and electronic devices and get ready for the salt therapy.

    Wi-Fi connection
    For all studio visitors, a wireless Wi-Fi connection is available. Log in using the network name and password available within the studio.

  • Charging corner
    Bringing electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc., into the salt cabin is strictly prohibited to prevent potential damage caused by the corrosive properties of salt. Please leave them in the designated charging corner to recharge during your salt therapy session.

    There is no need to change or remove clothing for salt therapy. The studio and salt cabin are maintained at a temperature of approximately 20-23°C, so we suggest wearing comfortable clothing with long sleeves and trousers.

    White socks/Rubber slippers
    Prior to entering the salt cabin, kindly put on clean, white socks that you have brought with you, or use the provided disposable covers, which you will put directly over your existing socks. For hygiene purposes, entering the cabin with shoes or solely in the socks you arrived in is strictly prohibited.

    Head covers
    If your hair is long, secure it in a ponytail before entering the cabin, or use a disposable cap.

    Books, magazines and games
    On the shelves in front of the cabin, you’ll discover captivating books, magazines, and a selection of games for children. Feel free to bring them into the cabin to enhance your therapy experience.

    Background music
    Prior to entering the cabin, use the tablet at the entrance door to choose your preferred music genre.

    Communication with staff
    If you require assistance, feel free to use the emergency communication button located opposite the entrance to the salt cabin to get in touch with our staff. We will respond through the microphone situated in the camera capturing the studio space.

  • Cabin amenities
    The cabin features two relaxation chairs for adults to comfortably rest during the therapy, and a children’s salt pit with toys where they can have fun and enjoy the salt. For maximum comfort and relaxation, unfold the lounger to the so-called zero gravity position. If you are participating in the therapy with children and need more space for playing in the salt pit, the loungers can be easily folded and leaned against the wall. Detailed instructions on how to unfold and fold the chair >>

    Turning on the lights
    Should you desire to read or require additional lighting during your salt therapy, feel free to switch on the lights using the string hanging from the ceiling near the entrance door.

    Initiating therapy and button light indication
    The salt therapy itself runs in cycles at all entries. You can start it yourself with the “Start” button (during “Comfort” and “Relax” entries you can start the therapy repeatedly). Once you’re prepared for salt therapy, press the “Start” button illuminated in red, situated inside the cabin next to the door. The commencement of therapy is signaled by the shift in the button’s illumination from red to blue. The therapy will autonomously conclude after 20 minutes, and the “Start” button will revert to a red light. At this point, feel free to exit the salt cabin.

    Ventilation cycle
    Shortly after the therapy session ends, an automatic 5-minute ventilation cycle will commence to ventilate the cabin. Throughout this time, the “Start” button will be illuminated in yellow.

    Therapy duration according to the entry type
    For “Express” and “Standard” entries, we recommend a single 20-minute therapy cycle. With “Comfort” and “Relax” entry, you have the flexibility to adjust the therapy duration. After finishing the initial 20-minute cycle, there’s no need to wait for the ventilation cycle. Once the “Start” button shifts from blue to red, initiate the next therapy cycle promptly. Simply press the “Stop” button, followed by the “Start” button. This approach allows you to prolong active salt inhalation and maximize your studio experience.

    Conclusion of therapy
    Should you need to conclude the therapy earlier, utilize the “Stop” button (please note that this doesn’t pause but terminates the therapy). Upon restarting, the 20-minute therapy cycle initiates from the beginning. Otherwise, it automatically shuts down at the conclusion of the therapy cycle.

    Deep breathing
    Relax in the reclining chair and allow the salt aerosol to take effect in the cabin. Throughout the therapy, we suggest practicing deep breathing, alternating between inhaling through the nose and mouth.

    If you experience sudden nausea, exit the salt cabin and locate the first aid kit situated near the entrance to the restroom.

  • Leave the cabin door closed
    Upon completing the salt therapy, kindly exit the salt cabin and secure its door. Subsequent to the therapy, a ventilation cycle will initiate to refresh the air within the cabin, indicated by a transition in the “Start” button’s backlight from red to yellow.

    Cleaning before leaving
    Before you leave, make sure everything is back in its original place and clean up thoroughly after yourself.

    Early departure
    Adhere to the schedule and exit the studio no later than the last minute of your reservation.

    Closing the entrance door
    Kindly ensure the entrance door is securely closed upon your departure.

    Late departure fee
    Leaving the studio late may result in a fee of CZK 1,000 per each started hour, resulting from a failure to adhere to the general terms and conditions.

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